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7 tips to get you ready for your bridal hair and makeup trial!

Hey beauties!

We often get ask, how do I prepare for my hair and makeup trial

This is such a great question, and we wanted to dedicated an entire blog post to just this topic!

Here are 7 tips to ensuring you are well prepared for your bridal trial

1. Start day dreaming!

The most important step is to day-dream about what you envision yourself to look like on your wedding day and the style you want! Are you going for more of a classic look? Or maybe you prefer the boho style? You may even want to go full blown Cinderella, and we are here for it! If dreaming of your perfect style isn’t working for you, start thinking about your venue, the location, what your decor is going to look like, your wedding dress and go from there. If you have a high neck wedding dress, try typing into Pinterest “bridal hairstyles for a high neck wedding dress” or maybe you have some statement earrings that you just HAVE to flaunt on your wedding day, try typing in “wedding hairstyles to highlight my earnings”. Keep doing this until you have found the inspiration you love that can convey your ideal style

2. Have your inspiration pictures ready to show your stylist/artist

This is SUCH an important part of the process! Pictures really allow your stylist/artist to understand a visualize the look you are going for. Every once in a while we get a bride who sits down in our chair who hasn’t brought pictures. We automatically get in Pinterest with her and start to look up inspiration because we know from experience no pictures means an unsuccessful trial. And while this can sound really bleak, it’s the truth. If you sit down in our chair and say ‘I want a boho braided updo’ your version of that updo, and the stylist are going to be different. We say to have 3-5 hair inspiration photos and 3-5 makeup inspiration photos when you come for your trial. Be prepared to tell us what it is you like about each photo, and even the things you don’t love from the photos.

3. Have back up inspiration

Although you may be 100% sure that you know exactly the style you are going for, it’s important to have backup inspiration. We have seen it one too many times where a bride comes in for her trial convinced her perfect look is the 1920’s vintage vibe just to figure out that she is actually way more comfortable with a natural look. Have a back up plan, you're never going to know if that dream look is really your dream until you see it on yourself!

4. Bring what you need

An absolute must for a successful bridal trial is bringing a long any hair accessories, veils, clip-in extensions, preferred lashes, preferred lop color, or even any jewelry that you want to see with the completed look. We want you to have the most accurate view of what you are going to look like on your wedding day so being prepared and bringing along any items that could alter that is so vital! It’s also just fun getting dressed up a little!

5. Come prepared

It is such a benefit for your stylist/artist to see your skin fresh and makeup free as well as your hair in its dry natural state. Plan your trial accordingly to allow you the time to arrive with a makeup free face and hair that has been be air dried from the night before. This allows your stylist/artist to pick the best products for you!

6. Think about your outfit

Before your trial, make sure to put on an outfit that makes you feel amazing! Better yet if you can wear something that is similar in color to your dress and has a similar neckline that is going to up our bridal trial game by levels! You are really going to be able to have a clear vision of how your wedding day look is going to come together!

7. Don’t bring the peanut gallery

Too many opinions can create a toxic environment for yourself. We suggest going it alone for your trial so you can really sort through your own thought and also have time to make a connection with your stylist/artist so you are in tune for your wedding day. If you do decide to bring someone along we suggest to bring along no more than 2 people who you can trust to listen to you as the bride and what it is you want.

So there it is! Our top 7 tips to ensuring you have the most amazing bridal trial out there!

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