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 Bridal by OUAB was started with the mission of making each and every bride feel their absolute best and most beautiful on their wedding day!


 When we were first founded by Dana Colvin, our original name was Once Upon A Beauty thus the OUAB, in Bridal by OUAB. We eventually realized our name gave us too much of a fairytale perception (which of course we love) but we also are obsessed with edgier looks, boho looks, glamorous, vintage, there are just so many styles and we love them all so we wanted to make sure we could portray it all while still keeping our roots!


Dana started this company to help create those perfect moments in life that are capable of producing fireworks and Jolie the owner of OUAB, still upholds this belief when working with every bride! 

venue 1902 bride on her wedding after getting hair and makeup done by the bridal by ouab team
meet the bridal by ouab team


the team behind bridal by ouab


Jolie Murray 
Owner of Bridal by OUAB / HMUA

When Jolie was just a little lady she was always in her mom's makeup. Sometimes with permission, but mostly without. Her mom may not have enjoyed it so much then, but boy does she now! Jolie has loved the glam since she was little and it never got away from her. At a young age, Jolie did not realize how much one phone call with Dana (OUAB founder) would jump-start her into her dream career. Then the calls kept coming, promotion to head stylist, brand ambassador, then creative director, then the best call of all the opportunity of owning a part of Bridal by OUAB! Jolie truly hopes to uphold the OUAB standards of helping to be a small part of those perfect moments for all OUAB brides!

Dana Colvin
Founder of Bridal by OUAB / HMUA

Dana has one distinct childhood memory of sitting on a beach at Disney, straight across from Cinderella’s Castle and watching the fireworks go off in the dark of night - the castle shimmering behind it. The feeling was irreplaceable. It wasn’t until Dana started to do hair and makeup for people’s most important and intimate life events that this feeling was recreated. When starting this company, she wanted to incorporate these two experiences that made her feel that same unforgettable feeling. That's when the original brand of Once Upon a Beauty was born. All Dana could ever hope for is that the brand she created allows people to have that same feeling as she did as a little girl on that beach.