About Us

Jolie Murray -
Owner of Bridal by OUAB

When Jolie was just a little lady she was always in her mom's makeup. Sometimes with permission, but mostly without. Her mom may not have enjoyed it so much then, but boy does she now! Jolie has loved the glam since she was little and it never got away from her. At a young age, Jolie did not realize how much one phone call would jump-start her into her dream career. Then the calls kept coming, promotion to head stylist, brand ambassador, then creative director, then the best call of all the opportunity of owning a part of Bridal by OUAB! Jolie truly hopes to uphold the OUAB standards of helping to be a small part of those perfect moments for all OUAB brides!

How did Bridal by OUAB get it's start?

The whole start to Bridal by OUAB was for the goal of making each and every bride feel their absolute most beautiful on their wedding day. When we were first founded, our original name was Once Upon A Beauty thus the OUAB in Bridal by OUAB. We eventually realized our name gave us to much of a fairytale perception (which of course we love) but we also are obsessed with edgier looks, boho looks, glamorous, vintage…. there are just so many styles and we love them all so we wanted to make sure we could portray it all while still keeping our roots!


Jolie started this company to help create those perfect moments in life that are capable of producing fireworks and Jolie still upholds this belief when working with every bride. At an early start in both of their careers, they came to find a huge passion for weddings and life's most precious events and wanted to find a way to incorporate more of those moments into their work. A lot of pride and care is taken when working with each every OUAB client - we love our clients so much!

What sets Bridal by OUAB apart?

Well first of all, YOUR GETTING MARRIED!! Ahhh, that's so exciting!


Bridal by OUAB is such a special and unique hair and makeup team, you become part of our family and we are genuinely obsessed with weddings and learning all about our brides love stories. It’s seriously our favorite thing besides hair and makeup of course!


But what sets us apart from all the other companies out there?

Well, between our founder and owner they over 15 years of experience in the bridal beauty industry. What they have learned is that in order to have a successful bridal beauty company with having genuinely happy clients and always keeping them in mind is you must offer a custom stress-free beauty experience and that is what we do best!! We know bridal beauty!


We offer a luxury boutique style hair and makeup experience which means you are not just another number in our bottom line, you become part of the OUAB family. It is extremely personalized! We offer on-location services in the comfort of your own home, hotel, or venue just like a true celebrity and we obsess over the details by offering celebrity quality products with award-winning artist and stylist. We may be a bit bias but they are AMAZING!


We will always offer professional, positive, punctual, and quality services to EVERY client who comes our way. We are dedicated to when your expectations and experience align!


If you are looking for a team who is dedicated to you, your love story, your perfect bridal beauty look, and if you are looking for a team who will keep things real and treat you like a best friend while still being extremely professional than welcome to the OUAB family!! We are so blessed and so thrilled to have you!


We cannot wait to work with you!


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